Canada geography news in germany now

Possible break in theft of Canadian gold coin in Germany. Covid: Germany begins hard lockdown ahead of Christmas. Germany calls on all to forgo Xmas shopping before lockdown. Coronavirus: Germany to enter new lockdown, Angela Merkel announces. Germany tightens virus lockdown rules over Christmas period.

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canada geography news in germany now

The Latest: Germany says vaccinations to start in early Jan. Irina Antonova: Museum director who challenged the boundaries of art. Germany readies vaccine centers amid security concerns. Austria to allow Christmas skiing but many restrictions stay. Home News. Germany extends covid lockdown through Christmas. The Latest: Germany passes over 15, virus deaths.

WHO Covid envoy warns of third wave of virus in Europe next year. Germany marks 75th anniversary of landmark Nuremberg trials. Police fire water cannon at anti-lockdown protesters in Germany. Germany eyes ban on anti-lockdown protest at parliament. Forgotten your password? Want an ad-free experience? Subscribe to Independent Premium. View offers.The attorney general is seeking longer prison sentences for Fatah Abdullah and Safiyya Shaikh.

One of the exhibits set for the Humboldt Forum next year will be sculptures looted from Nigeria in Damien McGuinness.

BBC News, Berlin. A new museum, the Humboldt Forum, is opening in a reconstructed royal palace in the centre of Berlin on Wednesday - although the official opening is for now being held online because of the coronavirus pandemic. But it is controversial.

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The museum will house art from all over the world - including some of the Benin Bronzes, sculptures stolen from Nigeria at the end of the 19th Century. The Humboldt Forum, which dominates the centre of Berlin, is supposed to showcase global culture, and become a symbol of tolerance and diversity. But the museum has found itself in the middle of a row about looted art and colonialism.

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Some of the key exhibits are the Benin Bronzes, from Nigeria, valuable sculptures looted by British soldiers in The Nigerian government has called for them to be returned to Nigeria. Pressure has been growing within Germany too.

Historians and anti-racism activists in Germany say the museum needs to do more to explain where these treasures come from and how they got to Europe. Museum officials in Berlin say they are investigating the matter. Since museums in Europe have been working with the Nigerian government on a compromise plan for some Benin Bronzes to return to Nigeria.

Read more:. The country closes schools and non-essential businesses in an attempt to curb the virus. Germany has gone into a lockdown that will last until at least 10 January. Bavaria in the south-east is going even further with a night-time curfew from to Lithuania has also gone into lockdown, with a ban on non-essential movement between towns. Contact between separate households is also banned. A Swedish commission into the high number of nursing home deaths in the pandemic has found that systemic shortcomings as well as inadequate government measures contributed to the death toll.

Health agency head Anders Tegnell said this morning that it was clear from the start that everyone had to work very hard to ensure the elderly were not exposed to the spread. A goalkeeper in Belgium has lost his job amid reports that he organised a party for 10 people at his home in Ostend during lockdown conditions. Austria will set out its plans for Christmas today - and that includes extending rules on mask-wearing indoors.Even in a country once seen as a success story, the second wave is taking a toll on education.

By Amelia Nierenberg and Adam Pasick. Stores and schools will be closed, and public and private meetings will be restricted over the holidays, in an effort to bring down coronavirus infections and deaths. Signatories of an open letter say a parliamentary resolution declaring the campaign anti-Semitic has led to self-censorship and is stifling artistic expression.

She used her social media clout to preach and model self-confidence. She died of complications of Covid in a Hamburg hospital. Across the country, city and town squares stand empty of the usual huts, sounds, scents and lights, as the coronavirus has forced the country to skip its beloved annual Christmas markets.

Chancellor Angela Merkel called for stricter lockdown restrictions Wednesday and urged Germans to avoid holiday activities as the number of cases continues to rise. The pressing style Ralf Rangnick once preached to a skeptical German audience is now soccer orthodoxy. The justices struggled to decide whether a law that bars most suits against other nations allows Jewish victims to sue over the theft of their property.

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canada geography news in germany now

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canada geography news in germany now

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You can find more information in our data protection declaration. The record death toll for a single day coincided with the country beginning new, tougher COVID lockdown restrictions. Reinforced measures are expected to run at least until January 10, affecting stores and schools.

Speculation is rife as to why Saxony's sparsely populated Czech border region is seeing such a spike in infections. Even the majority of far-right AfD voters support the lockdown.

Germany is resuming deportations of rejected asylum seekers to Afghanistan, which had been suspended with the first wave of coronavirus in March. The move has triggered fierce criticism. Investigators may have made a breakthrough in the high-profile theft of a giant gold coin from a Berlin museum.

canada geography news in germany now

Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a raft of tough new measures. The image of Willy Brandt on his knees has come to symbolize German atonement for Nazi crimes. As urbanization booms, towns and cities are increasingly vulnerable to extreme weather caused by climate change. But the defendant's contradictory confessions have been frustrating for judges and observers. The man who attempted to shoot his way into a synagogue Halle, eastern Germany, has made his final statement in a high-profile trial.

Many co-plaintiffs have condemned proceedings as a missed opportunity. She has a record of negotiating behind the scenes, and is known for her perseverance and sharp instincts. The second stage of the German capital's rent cap law has come into effect, meaning that thousands of Berlin landlords could be forced to reduce their rents.

But the legal battle over the law is not yet over. The pandemic has forced Germany's conservative CDU to push back its election of a new party leader. Three men think they've got what it takes to take up the reins in January, and they've held their first debate to show what sets each of them apart.

Every day in Germany a man tries to kill his partner or ex-partner. One in three attempts is successful. Activists say too many perpetrators are getting off lightly. Two decades after the German parliament voted for same-sex civil unions, a gay couple who were among the first to enter into such a partnership looks back at their struggle for equality — and how far there's still to go.

When men become victims of domestic violence, they usually find it hard to seek help. They are ashamed to admit they are vulnerable and fear no one will believe them. Tami was one of them. Here is his story. Stricter measures are a rare sign of unity from Germany's federal and state governments. The "Warsaw Genuflection" opened the way to reconciliation, but some today dismiss it as an "empty gesture. Most Christmas markets in Germany have been canceled.

What remains is festive lighting in many cities. Fresh protests have broken out in Germany against measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic. The rallies have provided a backdrop for demonstrators to compare themselves to victims of Nazi persecution. Inthieves robbed the opulent museum in Dresden, making off with dazzling jewels.

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The jewels remain missing to this day. Along with colonial and Nazi-looted art, a related chapter of German history is now being uncovered: How the former East German state confiscated cultural assets. Germany is marking the 75th anniversary of the first Nuremberg trial. Initially, the trials, military tribunals by occupying powers, were barely respected in a country that wanted to forget.

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